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Wills & Trusts

Creating a will or living trust is an essential part of estate planning, as it ensures that your assets are distributed according to your wishes.

Our office understands that every client is unique and requires personalized attention. We take the time to listen to your concerns, answer your questions, and work with you to create a customized estate plan that meets your needs and achieves your goals.

Hiring an estate planning attorney before issues come up can save you time, money, and stress in the long run. By working with our office, you can ensure that your estate plan is created correctly the first time, avoiding costly mistakes and legal battles down the road.

Control over distribution of assets

An estate plan allows you to dictate how your assets are distributed after your passing, ensuring your wishes are carried out.

Minimize taxes

A well-crafted estate plan can help minimize estate taxes and protect your assets from unnecessary tax liabilities.

Protect minor children

If you have minor children, an estate plan can help ensure they are taken care of in the event of your passing. You can name a guardian for your children and create a trust to provide for their financial needs.

Avoid probate

A properly structured estate plan can help your loved ones avoid the time, expense, and stress of the probate process.

Plan for incapacity

An estate plan can include documents such as a durable power of attorney and a healthcare proxy, allowing you to choose who will make decisions for you if you become incapacitated.

Preserve family harmony

Without a clear estate plan, family members may end up in disputes over who gets what, which can lead to significant discord and strain on relationships. An estate plan can help minimize the chances of family conflict and promote harmony.

Leave a legacy

An estate plan can help you leave a legacy by making charitable contributions, establishing a scholarship fund, or supporting a cause that is important to you.

Protect business interests

If you own a business, an estate plan can help ensure its continued success after your passing. You can name a successor and create a plan for the smooth transfer of ownership.

Peace of mind

Perhaps the most important reason to create an estate plan is the peace of mind it can provide. Knowing that you have a plan in place for the future can give you and your loved ones a sense of security and comfort.

Our Process


Initial Consultation

We will discuss in detail the client's background and family, goals and concerns, and any issues that require further consideration. At the end of this meeting, a fee range will be quoted based on a preliminary plan design.

Design Meeting

The proposed estate plan design is presented to the clients. Together, we will work through the details of the plan design to create a customized estate plan strategy that meets the clients’ goals and objectives while addressing their concerns and anxieties.

Delivery Meeting

We review the documents to ensure the clients understand their estate plan and that it meets their goals and objectives. At the client’s request, we will also educate the clients’ family members, executors, trustees, agents and beneficiaries about the clients’ plan, their roles, and why the plan is designed as it is. The clients then sign the legal documents to implement the estate plan.


Once the estate plan documents have been executed, we assist you with beneficiary designation changes and other funding issues to ensure the planning is effective and works as designed.

Free Consultation

Our office believes that everyone deserves the peace of mind that comes with a well-crafted estate plan. We offer a free initial consultation to all new clients because we want you to feel confident and empowered as you move forward with your estate planning journey.

To schedule your free consultation, simply click this button above or contact us by phone at (443) 647-9009 or email at contact@maxwellwhitelaw.com. We look forward to helping you protect your legacy and secure your future.