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We would be pleased to communicate with you concerning legal matters. However, if you communicate with us through this website regarding a matter for which our firm does not already represent you, your communication may not be treated as privileged or confidential, and a communication will not be deemed to create an attorney-client relationship. Furthermore, you should not provide confidential information to anyone at the Law Office of Maxwell White, LLC in an e-mail inquiry, or otherwise, unless we have entered into an attorney-client agreement.

The information on this site is intended as a general overview and discussion of the subjects dealt with.  It is not intended, and should not be used, as a substitute for taking legal advice in any specific situation.  the Law Office of Maxwell White, LLC will accept no responsibility for any actions taken or not taken on the basis of this publication.

Privacy Notice

The Law Office of Maxwell White, LLC does not currently collect personal identifying information (the “information”) through our website except:

  • for information that your internet service provider automatically provides to our web server, such as its web site address and possibly your e-mail address;
  • for information that you send to us in an email message; and
  • for information that  you submit to us in a CGI form (for example, when you submit a question via our website form).

E-mail sent to us may not be secure. If you choose to send us an e-mail message, we may retain the content of the e-mail, your e-mail address and our response, and it becomes the property of the Law Office of Maxwell White, LLC.

In order to better serve you and better facilitate the use of our web site our web site may place a small file, known as a “cookie,” to be accessed by your browser during subsequent visits to our site.

The Law Office of Maxwell White, LLC will use collected information for our own proper purposes, but we will not sell information to third parties.

We encourage you to review the Law Office of Maxwell White, LLC Disclaimer & Privacy Notice periodically for updates.